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Mus 2000 is a fun application with which you can play the classic card game Mus in pairs against the computer.

This game simulates three different players. You can choose the characters you want to compete against (each with his or her own abilities). One will be your partner and the other two your opponents. These two fictional characters will decide their hands accompanied by written and spoken phrases.

The aim of Mus 2000 is to make the game as realistic as possible, so your computer will learn from the way you play to improve how it plays, making it increasingly difficult. Also, if you don't know how to play, you can learn with this program; it will explain what to do, how to interact with your partner, and, ultimately, what's happening in this classic Spanish card game.

Mus 2000 is a free demo version, so the games are limited to 15 minutes. It also does not allow you save games.

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